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I've managed to ring-fence some really important thinking time

I am so pleased to tell you that I have found a safe space (in my mind) to begin thinking about the exhibition. Like many artists, I tend to be led by connections, so, as well as digging and sifting through this set of thoughts, everything which is current in all parts of my life has an influence on the work too. Things are very busy with Untangled Threads until the end of the year, BUT I am finding that setting aside time for the 'treat' of working on this project is serving me well, and indeed, images and thoughts around setting up The Stitchbook Project exhibition are proving to be a really interesting influence on the DNA work.

At the moment, I'm just ready to share some images with you ...... I am really enjoying playing with making double helix structures, (and discovering just how fragile their twist can be), and combining images using photo-montage techniques at the moment. I am trying to incorporate several layers of thoughts into one image. I think that I am getting somewhere interesting.

Thank you for your love and support x x x

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