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APRIL 2023 is nearly here!!

THREE SCORE & 10: there is no stopping the marching of time! I haven't updated this blog nearly as often as I had intended ... however, I do want to reassure all of you, my very generous patrons and followers, that I do still fully intend getting this project over the finishing line. Indeed, it may be even more important than I had originally thought to draw this stage of my work and life to a conclusion. But it obviously won't be ready by the pre-scheduled April 2023!

I have been re-reading the entries I have made here over the last year or so, and I am astounded by the confidence I seemed to exude, at times when I actually felt as if I was falling apart. I think maybe that it's indicative of the enormous loss of control I was feeling, that I needed to appear to be holding on so tightly to a structure, and to believe that everything was still going to plan! Looking at the project again now, with fresh eyes, never did the following quote seem more appropriate: 'No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river, and he's not the same man.' Heraclitus

Grief is so strange .. overwhelming and unrecognisable in equal measure, up and down .. a bit like depression I think. Intense lows and regrets, contemplation and analysis! The death of my parents has affected me deeply, and changed me, and to be honest, I’ve sometimes found it easier to focus on the everyday rather than the depth of emotions that connect to my artwork. So, although my progress on this project may not have been visible, and sometimes I felt as though I had 'lost touch' with it, in fact, the strong thread of connections, which runs through me, has only become stronger.

The 18 month arrangement for you to contribute to the project fund has now come to an end, but want to assure you that your funding has not been squandered. The total amount given in exchange for artwork was £4,455.00 So far, I have only spent £81.43 of that: (preparing and delivering various proposals). So there is a very healthy £4,373.57 left in the DNA project account and a burgeoning desire to put it to good use.

Another blog, outlining a change in the project' s plan will follow ...

Thank you for continuing to believe in me! I do hope you are still enjoying ownership of the artwork you chose back in September 2021, and I hope that I will still do you proud with this project!

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