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The Shape of Chromosomes

The words aren't flowing at the moment, but the images and thoughts are .. sporadically. You can be my holding vessel. Look after my thoughts for me until I come back. The double helix has proved too regular for my mind to settle comfortably in one of its long loose curves ... I keep sliding downwards and off; bump like a fairground helter-skelter. Sitting at the bottom, on my bottom, on a worn but still scratchy doormat. The twisted, tortured knots of the chromosome seem to be an easier place for me to find a friend at the moment, so, I have re-tangled my once untangled threads in an attempt to find some clarity.

This is a powerful image from a series of work called Deja Vu (2008-11) by Finnish artist Pia Mannikka which resonates with some of the images in my head, particularly those which form whilst I write about mental health and finding a safe personal space to inhabit.

I am finding some satisfaction from superimposing images using photomontage techniques. My intention is to print some of these images onto layers of silk in readiness for stitching and physically manipulating the fabric into a series of 'mutations'. If the mutation proves beneficial it may survive, or I might still work it into extinction.

There is a little girl who needs to be able to creep out of the back door and learn how to play.

I think that she may well be on her way now.

Thank you for supporting me and allowing me the indulgence of time to think.

x x x x x

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