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Photo 51

Although I've been incredibly busy with Untangled Threads over the last couple of weeks, I have found some time to do a bit of thinking! I have to say that it has only made me more excited to start this project properly after The Knitting & Stitching Show in Harrogate at the end of November. But in the meantime ...

I really wanted to share 2 images with you before my attention is unavoidably diverted for another couple of weeks:

This is an x-ray photograph taken by Rosalind Franklin.

She had labelled the photograph 'Photo 51'

It was unethically removed from her lab.

A quote from James Watson says "The instant I saw the picture my mouth fell open and my pulse started to race." He made a quick sketch of what he had seen, and when he shared that with Francis Crick he excitedly stated that "the answer to everything is in our hands."

Without the work of Rosalind Franklin - and some luck - Watson & Crick might not have been the ones to introduce the double helix to the world.

This is one of my photo-montages. It shows the ghostly image of 'woman' emerging from the DNA photograph.

It reminds me of the a piece of work from The Voyage of Discovery exhibition 'The Blindness of Pre-conceived Opinion' : Creation or Transmutation? We see things in ways that conform to our particular world view.

Is she emerging from the DNA or is she part of the formation of the Universe itself? Is the center of the helix the umbilical attachment to Mother Earth?

I know that this is, physically, an incredibly short blog post, but I feel that the thinking behind it will prove very important to the future of the project. Thank you all for still being there.

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