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New Connections: but the scaffolding remains strong!

In my last post I discussed a possible change in focus for the THREE SCORE & 10: our days are numbered exhibition. The last week or so has really helped me to continue the process of reflection. I have found myself not only analysing my own emotional preoccupations, but also some new connections which seem to be arising from the momentum of the project itself.

As more of the completed tubes (representations of the Phosphate/sugar molecules) begin to return from members of The Stitchbook Collective, not only are they making me VERY happy, they are also tugging images from the 'archive in my head'!

Many years ago I took lots of photographs at Cromford Mill in Derbyshire. It won't surprise you to know that I was a little obsessed with it at the time! I have a fabulous original loom frame from there. But just LOOK at the wonderful connections I am making:

Reels of information

woven together,

finally untangling threads.

Suddenly my concerns, my obsessions, my vision have begun to weave themselves together.

Since the death of my Mother, for lots of reasons, I've been thinking about teh concepts of respect, value, worth and entitlement. The collaborative piece of work for the exhibition has begun to take a central role in this thinking. It represents so much more than a strand of Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid!


My jaw drops, mirroring your own silent scream:

a scream which finally drowns out the sound of your breathing

rasping like a rusty generator outside the pit head.


I stare at you,

and, as in life,


you stare back at me.

I am now in the process of tweaking rather than rewriting the exhibition proposal, with the intention of submitting it to a few venues at the beginning of next week. As I say, my relationship with, and the input of, The Stitchbook Collective has made some new pathways in my head, but the scaffolding remains strong: I might even suggest, stronger.

Thank you as always for still being there. I'll keep you updated with progress!

x x

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